Helen Babbs is founder and editor of the new nature; helenbabbs.wordpress.com

Ellie Broughton is a features journalist; elliebroughton.wordpress.com

Caroline Cook is a poet and gardener; she organises Leicester Stanza, an organ of the Poetry Society

Clare Coyne works in radio, and makes short stories with sounds and words

Kirsten Downer is a writer, journalist, wildlife conservationist and activist; she blogs at simplyradical.wordpress.com

Juliette Dyke is a travel and lifestyle journalist; she blogs at www.freshairfix.com and tweets at @freshairfix

Rebecca Fish Ewan is a writer, poet and professor of landscape architecture at The Design School, Arizona State University; underourbootsoles.wordpress.com

Mathew Frith is an urban conservationist with an interest in the relationships between nature and the city; he is shortly to tweet.

Daniel Greenwood is a writer, photographer and wildlife conservationist; he blogs at danieljamesgreenwood.com and tweets at @d_j_greenwood

Mark James Pearson is a writer, musician and avid birder; he blogs at markjamespearson.wordpress.com

David Perkins is a naturalist who tells stories about life-cycles, evolution and adaptation; he runs the wild garden at Roots and Shoots

Camila Ruz is a science journalist and writer; she blogs at camilaruz.wordpress.com and tweets at @CamilaRuzR

Lucy Scott is a writer with a passion for landscape and trees. She is also the editor and co-creator of Lost in London magazine, and a trainee horticulturalist in between.

Mischa van den Brandhof is a writer and photographer; she blogs at theoaktreefactory.com and tweets at @plentyofnuttin


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